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Emotional self regulation, mindfulness, slowing down, felt sense of safety, emotional literacy, coping strategies, empathy, body language, focus, anger management, calm anxiety, neurobiology, engage the nervous system, meditation, executive functioning skills, self awareness, self care, boundaries, assertiveness, self esteem, communication skills, self compassion.

Anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, sleep problems,  grief, loss, loneliness, health issues, burnout, moving forward, motivation, pain, dementia, PTSD, social and emotional skills, learning and development, illness, adversity, trauma, mental health needs, life outcomes.

Animal assisted therapy can (Anderson et. al. 1992; Becker, 2017; Chandler, 2017; Lloyd & Reesa, 2014; Maujean et. al. 2015; Turner, 2011):

  • teach empathy and appropriate interpersonal skills;

  • help reduce symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety in response to traumatic events;

  • be soothing and the presence of animals can more quickly build rapport between the professional and client;

  • improve individual’s skills to pick up social cues imperative to human relationships;

  • decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, including by increasing exercise and decreasing blood pressure; and

  • improve school and university engagement, confidence, self-esteem and interpersonal relationship skills for students.

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Horses4Health is located on a 40 acre property in the rolling hills of Coolgardie, with remnant rainforest natural springs and flowing creek,15 minutes South West of Ballina. 

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