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About Horses4Health

What we do

At Horses4Health we participate in a variety of activities with horses, alpacas, goats, rabbits, ducks, chickens etc. to deeply explore different themes and challenge yourself to grow and become all that you can be. We use many different modalities including art, nature, music and movement to help each person get the results they want. The role of the therapy team is to act as guides throughout these processes followed by careful debriefing with the individual  and discussion post session to encourage and promote self awareness and change.  

Horses4Health believes in the power of connecting with aniamls, humans and nature. In a safe and non-judgemental space we build trusting relationships while co-regulating with horses, animals and humans. 

Our programs are unique, lifechanging and guided by individual needs.

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Who We Are

 Megan Nicol is the founder and owner of Horses4Health, a small family-run business that adds value to the community through the services provided. 


Megan prides herself on her ability to empathise and understand, values that are quickly overlooked in the rush of modern society. As a mother, Megan has personal experience with a wide range of family dynamics and special needs, specifically in children.


Who it benefits

All individuals experiencing health issues, specifically mental health and/or behavioural issues that may be affecting their everyday life. Megan’s qualifications are comprehensive with a Bachelor of Primary Education, Bachelor of Human Services Specialising in Child and Family Studies and a licensed Equine Assisted Mental Health Practitioner .


Megan is a practitioner who believes in the power of community and holds a particular interest in working with children, which has been her focus for most of her life, working in various settings including private schools with all age groups from Kindergarten to year 12 and Not For Profit Organisations. 

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